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 +====== The Final Revelation ======
 +===== Grundlegende Informationen =====
 +{{ :publikationen:the_final_revelation_cover.jpg?nolink&200|}}
 +^                  technische Daten           ^^
 +^ Originaltitel:| The Final Revelation          | 
 +^ Verlag:| Pelgrane Press          | 
 +^ Productcode:| -          |
 +^ Veröffentlichungsjahr:| 2013         |
 +^ Seiten:| 128           |
 +^ Preis:| $22.95          |
 +^                  Mitwirkende           ^^
 +^ Redaktion:          |
 +^ Autoren und Künstler:| Graham Walmsley, Scott Dorward          |
 +^                  weitere Informationen           ^^
 +^ Regelsystem:| [[rollenspiele:trail_of_cthulhu_rpg|Trail of Cthulhu]]          |
 +^ Setting:| Großbritannien 1930er          |
 +^ Link:| [[]]          |
 +^ Format:| Softcover und PDF   |
 +^ ISBN:| 9781908983466          |
 +===== Klappentext =====
 +<WRAP box>
 +The Final Revelation collects the four sanity-destroying Purist adventures for Trail of Cthulhu written by award winning RPG writer Graham Walmsley. With a framing scenario by Scott Dorward, The Final Revelation gives your Investigators the opportunity to play through a Purist campaign set in the United Kingdom of the 1930s where there is no escape, no comfort and no salvation when faced with the Mythos. Your Investigators are powerless and insignificant; your only choices death, insanity or a quiet life with a shattered mind.
 +**The Dance in the Blood:** You are drawn to a villave in Northern England which is plagued by terrible secrets. Every hundred and nineteen years it is torn apart, its inhabitants massacred. That time has come again, and the monsters are waiting to reclaim their birthright.
 +**The Watchers in the Sky:**Strenag birds watch a paranoid madman, and stare at you from the rooftops. When you dissect one, you find something monstrous inside that reflects a horror within yourself.
 +**The Dying of St Margarets:** On a remote Scottish island you take jobs at a private school, each searching for an acquaintance who has disappeared. What they discover drives you to the edge of insanity.
 +**The Rending Box:** In a London antiques shop, there is a box. Inside is an ancient creature, seeping through to show you everything as it really is: the patterns behind the universe, the monsters older than time, the secrets that break your mind. And all they need to do is open a box.
 +**The Final Revelation:** As the Friday Group your investigators piece together the details of a subtle threat to humanity. Uncovering the facts behind each adventures, you face a final, inescapable truth you could never have guessed.
 +Your friends cannot be trusted, your knowledge means nothing, and everything you hold dear turns to dust. In the face of madness, in the shadow of the Mythos, dare your Investigators face The Final Revelation? </WRAP>
 +===== Inhalt =====
 +4 Abenteuer und den Kampagnenrahmen "Final Revelation"
 +  * [[Abenteuer:The Dying of St Margarets]]
 +  * [[Abenteuer:The Watchers in the Sky]]
 +  * [[Abenteuer:The Dance in the Blood]]
 +  * [[Abenteuer:The Rending Box]]
 +===== Kritiken =====
 +===== Zusatzmaterial =====
 +===== Links =====
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