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Mythos Expeditions

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Originaltitel: Mythos Expeditions
Verlag: Pelgrane Press
Productcode: -
Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2014
Seiten: 240
Preis: $39,95
Autoren und Künstler: Robin Laws, Kenneth Hite und andere
weitere Informationen
Regelsystem: Trail of Cthulhu
Setting: 1930er verschiedene Orte
Format: Hardcover und PDF
ISBN: 978-1908983664

“Before that there had been wild enough stories — accounts of mysterious trips to Thibet, the African interior, the Arabian desert, the Amazon valley, Alaska, and certain little-known islands of the South Pacific…”

— H. P. Lovecraft, “The Horror in the Museum”

Bon voyage! You are about to depart on ten journeys into the unknown, following the trail of Cthulhu to isolated Pacific islands, into the icy wastes of the Arctic, through jungles and war zones and even off the Earth itself. In the blank spaces of the map, dark deities flourish and evil festers… but the truth waits to be discovered, secret knowledge that man may not be meant to know but that Miskatonic University covets. Into that mystery your Investigators go, armed with gun and camera and notebook, risking their own survival to keep those blank spaces from swallowing up the world.

The Mythos Expeditions are a collection of 10 stand-alone scenarios usingthe new GUMSHOE Expedition Rules, in which the story looms lager than the book-keeping. Each adventure can also conect to the Armitage Inquiry campaign setting, expanded by Kenneth Hite in this book as well

Ten mighty Mythos talents bring you ten terrifying tours:

  • The Dwellers in the Dunes (Mongolia) – Steven S. Long
  • The Mother of Malaria (Northern Rhodesia) – Robin D. Laws
  • Lost on a Sea of Dreams(Bermuda) – Adam Gauntlett
  • An Incident at the Border (Gran Chaco, Paraquay) – Kenneth Hite
  • The Jaguars of El-Thar (Yucatan) – Tristan J. Tarwater
  • Tongued With Fire (India) – Bill White
  • Served Cold (Greenland) – Jeff Tidball
  • Whistle and I’ll Come (Papua New Guinea) – Emma Marlow
  • A Load of Blarney (Ireland) – Lauren Roy
  • Cerulean Halo (Clipperton Island) – Matthew Sanderson

Hack through the dense jungles of central Africa, trek across the arid wastes of the Gobi desert, and clamber among the lost cities of Central America. Your searches after strange horror take you through the skies and across the oceans, into the lava caves of New Zealand and the glacial heart of Greenland. The notes and journals, the sketches and hints, that the survivors bring back become Mythos tomes of their own, to drive new Investigators mad - and to drive them onward into the unknown.

Hurry on board — the gangplank is going up!

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