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 +====== Invasive Procedures ======
 +===== Grundlegende Informationen =====
 +{{ :publikationen:invasive_procedures_cover.jpg?nolink&200|}}
 +^                  technische Daten           ^^
 +^ Originaltitel:| Invasive Procedures          | 
 +^ Verlag:       | [[:Pelgrane Press]]          | 
 +^ Productcode:  |           |
 +^ Veröffentlichungsjahr:| 2011   |
 +^ Seiten:| 52          |
 +^ Preis: | $11.95        |
 +^                  Mitwirkende           ^^
 +^ Redaktion:          |
 +^ Autoren und Künstler:| [[autoren:Gareth Hanrahan]]          |
 +^                  weitere Informationen           ^^
 +^ Regelsystem:| [[rollenspiele:trail_of_cthulhu_rpg|Trail of Cthulhu]] und Fear Itself        |
 +^ Setting:| Gegenwart oder 1930er          |
 +^ Link: [[]]         |
 +^ Format:| Softcover und PDF   |
 +^ ISBN: |
 +===== Klappentext =====
 +<WRAP box>The kids all say Our Lady’s Hospital is haunted. You can see why, when you look at it, that big gloomy pile of staring windows and rusting beds. They should have torn the place down years ago, instead of letting it linger on like this. I’d hate to be a patient there. They send you there to die.
 +You are a patient in an old, rambling hospital. Part of it is shut down, part of it lies in decay. The equipment is out of date, the staff are unmotivated and the whole place reeks of disinfectant, death and seventy years of despair. The hospital has ghosts and spirits walking the halls but they are the least of your worries. You should be afraid of what comes out at night. You should be afraid of what makes the ghosts flee.
 +Dr Drake, the resident surgeon is a genius and like all genuises, he has his secrets, his obsessions and his madness. One such obsession has taken root in the hospital. You can’t stop it, all you can do is try to get out alive.
 +Invasive Procedures is the new Fear Itself adventure from Gareth Hanrahan, author of Arkham Detective Tales, three Skulduggery settings and the forthcoming Brief Cases: Three Adventures for Mutant City Blues. Invasive Procedures includes an extract from The Book of Unremitting Horror.
 +Invasive Procedures now includes conversion information so you can run this adventure with the Trail of Cthulhu system. </WRAP>
 +===== Inhalt =====
 +===== Kritiken =====
 +===== Zusatzmaterial =====
 +===== Links =====
 +{{tag>ToC Publikation Pelgrane_Press}}
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