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 +====== Eternal Lies ======
 +===== Grundlegende Informationen =====
 +{{ :publikationen:eternal_lies_cover.jpg?nolink&200|}}
 +^                  technische Daten           ^^
 +^ Originaltitel:| Eternal Lies          | 
 +^ Verlag:| Pelgrane Press          | 
 +^ Productcode:| -          |
 +^ Veröffentlichungsjahr:| 2013         |
 +^ Seiten:| 396          |
 +^ Preis:| $49,95          |
 +^                  Mitwirkende           ^^
 +^ Redaktion:          |
 +^ Autoren und Künstler:| Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball, Jeremy Keller          |
 +^                  weitere Informationen           ^^
 +^ Regelsystem:| [[rollenspiele:trail_of_cthulhu_rpg|Trail of Cthulhu]]          |
 +^ Setting:| verschiedene Länder 1937          |
 +^ Link:| [[]]          |
 +^ Format:| Hardcover          |
 +^ ISBN:| 3-929754-35-5          |
 +===== Klappentext =====
 +<WRAP box>**A decade ago, a team of occult investigators battled to stop the summoning of an ancient and evil monster.
 +They failed. Now, the world is yours to save... or lose.**
 +Welcome to a grim and sordid saga spanning more than a decade and more than a globe. Welcome to a tale of great and terrible human ambition and petty human desires, where evils abound and the cost of battling them may be too high to bear. Welcome to a multifaceted, ever-shifting story of sin and salvation. Eternal Lies is an epic campaign which builds on Kenneth Hite's brilliant Trail of Cthulhu, to conjure a grand and dramatic adventure series that your players will never forget.
 +**Expose Evil**
 +With Investigators powered by Robin D. Laws' GUMSHOE system, it's up to you to piece together what went wrong. Scrutinise ancient crypts, abandoned estates, and festering slums. Explore choked jungles and the crushed psyches of your predecessors. Follow in their footprints and make new ones of your own. This time, there won't be another chance.
 +**Confront Corruption**
 +Challenge the aims and ambitions of a worldwide cult addicted to perverse corruptions. Confront and awful and alien evil force and discover what humanity can do to pretect itself from such terrors -- for now.
 +**Will you save lives, even your own?**
 +In Eternal Lies, players take on an escalating quest to combat evil and save humanity -- if it's worth saving. This epic campaign fuels many hours of Trail of Cthulhu adventures across global locales both thrilling and dangerous. As the players plunge deeper into mystery, the final horror seeps into them. Who lives, who dies, and who will make that terrible choice?
 +**It falls to you.**</WRAP>
 +===== Inhalt =====
 +===== Mythosreferenzen =====
 +  * [[aeussere_goetter:azathoth|Azathoth]]
 +  * [[aeussere_goetter:nyarlathotep|Nyarlathotep]]
 +  * [[grosse_alte:y_golonac|Y'golonac]]
 +  * [[grosse_alte:gol-goroth|Gol-Goroth]]
 +  * [[mythos-werke:revelations_of_glaaki|Revelations_of_Glaaki]]
 +===== Kritiken =====
 +===== Zusatzmaterial =====
 +  * [[|offizielle Handouts von Pelgrane Press]]
 +  * offizieller [[|Soundtrack]] zur Kampagne
 +  * [[|Spielleiter]] und [[|Handout]] Threads im [[Yog-Sothoth Board]] 
 +  * [[|Audio Aufzeichnungen und Videos mit SL Kommentaren]] zu einer gespielten Kampagne. //Nur für Yog-Sothoth Patreon-Mitglieder.//
 +  * Eine [[|Google+ Community]] für Eternal Lies Spielleiter.
 +  * [[|Spielbericht]] und einige ergänzende Handouttexte.
 +  * [[|Preview der Kampagne]] (Inhaltsverzeichniss und Vorwort)
 +  * Umfangreiches Zusatzmaterial und Ergänzungen bei [[|the Alexandrian]]
 +  * Das Malta Kapitel aus [[publikationen:Die Bestie]] Band 2 könnte hilfreich sind.
 +==== Trailer ====
 +{{tag>ToC Publikation Pelgrane_Press 2013 1930er}}
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