​Cthulhu Apocalypse

Technische Daten
Originaltitel: ​Cthulhu Apocalypse
Verlag: Pelgrane Press
Productcode: -
Veröffentlichungsjahr: 2015
Seiten: 216
Preis: $34.95
Autoren und Künstler: Graham Walmsley; Gareth Hanrahan
Weitere Informationen
Regelsystem: Trail of Cthulhu
Setting: Apokalypse
Link: http://pelgranepress.com/index.php/cthulhu-apocalypse-2/
Format: Hardcover und PDF
ISBN: 978-1-908983-20-6

Some say the world will end in fire…*

On November 2nd, 1936, the world died. Humanity perished, women and men died in their millions. Finally, the stars had come right, and the things that had lurked under the seas for eons rose to claim their rightful place. Now, they rule the earth, stalking it like titans.

Yet you survived this destruction. Some miracle or design left you alive to watch the destruction of everything humanity built. You are doomed to wander the devastated ruins, discovering what little you can. What went wrong? Are there others like you? How can you stay alive? Can you fight back? And, most importantly of all, is there a way to put this right?

With the award-winning Apocalypse Machine, you can be the instrument of the world’s destruction. Does it all end in a plague of white flowers, the death rays of alien tripods, or the rising of Great Old Ones? And when you’ve devised your apocalypse, The Machine features the tools you need for investigation and survival in a land transformed beyond recognition.

The adventures Dead White World and Slaves of the Mother bring the horror to the shores of England, and blasphemous new adventure seeds and encounters carry the destruction across the ocean to a new world.

enthält 2 Abenteuer und den Baukasten Apocalypse Machine

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