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 +======  ​Age of Cthulhu 5: The long reach of evil ======
 +^  Allgemeine Informationen                                   ||
 +^ Autor:                     |Mike Ferguson, Rick Maffei, Richard Pett                               |
 +| **Verlag: **                   | [[verlage:goodman_games|Goodman Games]]                                                    |
 +| **Zeit/Setting:**              | [[settings:1920er|]]                                                           |
 +^ Ort:                                                       |
 +^ Regelsystem:               |[[rollenspiele:call_of_cthulhu_rpg|Call of Cthulhu, 3. Edition]]                                 |
 +^ Seitenumfang:              | 72                           |
 +| **Sprache:**                   | Englisch                                                          |
 +| **Jahr:**                   | 2010                                                        |
 +^ Besonderheiten:            | One Shot mit vorgefertigten Charakteren  |
 +===== Zusammenfassung  =====
 +===== Klappentext =====
 +It is the Age of Cthulhu, and the cold tentacles of primeval madness reach across the globe. In this compilation of three adventure modules, the investigators journey to Peru, Sumatra, and Tibet in a desperate quest to uncover mysteries that imperil the world. Incan ruins, erupting volcanoes, and madness at the top of the world await those brave enough to unravel the long reach of evil. This all-new adventure module uses the Chaosium BRP system and is officially licensed for use with Call of Cthulhu.
 +Set throughout the globe and torn from the pages of the hidden history of the world, Age of Cthulhu adventures bring new secrets and mind-bending horrors to your 1920’s Call of Cthulhu game. Each adventure comes with copious player handouts, detailed maps, and pre-generated investigators ready to risk their lives and their sanity to confront the horrors of an uncaring universe.
 +Age of Cthulhu adventures include many of the classic elements of Call of Cthulhu: action, investigation, and a forbidding sense of horror. Though the adventures utilize real locations and historical events, Age of Cthulhu is first and foremost dedicated to exploring the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, and to bringing the excitement of heroic pulp-themed adventure to your gaming table. So dim the lights, load your trusty sidearm, and prepare to venture into the unknown…
 +===== Download =====
 +===== Zusatzmaterial und Handouts =====
 +[[http://www.goodman-games.com/downloads/AOC5-Amazon-HandoutsMaps.pdf|Offizielle Handouts für Abominations of the Amazon]]
 +[[http://www.goodman-games.com/downloads/AOC5-Sumatra-HandoutsMaps.pdf|Offizielle Handouts für  The Fires of Sumatra]]
 +[[http://www.goodman-games.com/downloads/AOC5-TopOfWorld-HandoutsMaps.pdf|Offizielle Handouts für Terror at the Top of the World]]
 +[[http://www.goodman-games.com/downloads/AOC5-Pregens.pdf|Offizielle vorgefertigte Charaktere]]
 +===== Mythosreferenzen =====
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 +===== Berichte und Tipps =====
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 +===== Siehe auch =====
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